bathroom basin, round basin, dado basin, stone basin
bathroom basin, round basin, dado basin, stone basin

Denise Basin

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Unfortunately, this basin is out of stock. We expect our new stock to arrive in the middle of September! You may place orders now, we will deliver your basins as soon as we can.

The Denise stone basin is a round top mounted basin. This classical shape will always be popular in the bathroom. The Denise basin is cast in Solid Surface. The stone basins have a silky finish and are resistant to scratching and abrasion. 

All DADOquartz stone basins have a natural silky feel manufactured with the highest grade materials available. Because of the relatively small size and practical design, this stone basin is suitable for small spaces like guest bathrooms and hotel rooms. Stone sinks have been used for ages.

DADO Top Mounted Denise Basin is 420 x 420 x 122mm and weighs 6kg.

Dado Denise Basin Code: SB020

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